LCHF and Keto

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The overall basics and theory are between these two healthy lifestyles are similar: Avoid sugar is all of its forms, eliminate processed and highly processed foods and limit carbs. However, following a Keto lifestyle will get you feeling better faster, but with more restrictions and with more counting and tracking of macronutrients.

With LCHF there are more choices of foods you can enjoy and less counting.  The beauty of the program is its simplicity.  There are foods to enjoy everyday, foods to have occasionally, and lists of foods to avoid. Ultimately, you'll get the same results as following a Keto program. LCHF  will take you a little longer. Both programs are healthy and natural.

With either choice, processed and ultra process foods are to avoided along with all grains and any form of sugar.  You're left with whole and natural foods. As it says in our logo and tag line indicate: Low Carb Life. It's Only Natural!

The Two Websites
We've been doing the keto lifestyle ourselves for over a year- and had great success.  We also have started, and currently run MJ The Keto Coach.

However, since attending the LowCarb USA conference, and recently getting training in LCHF from the Noakes Foundation, we realized that there is a similar, but distinctly different path toward a low carb lifestyle. 

It is that thinking that brought us to the idea to branch out with an affiliate site to serve those people that are not interested in doing the more restricted form of LC, but still want to lose weight, and to get on the path of becoming more healthy. 

Along with this thinking came a new logo which explains our new program. 

This is a lifestyle, a Low Carb Life.  In either case- keto or LCHF, this style of eating for the rest of your life is really a natural way to eat: whole foods, eliminating processed and ultra process products, removing sugar and seed oils. This way of eating: It's Only Natural!

There are added effects; more energy, mental clarity, stable blood sugars, the need to snack goes away. 

Not sure of which program meets your needs, or have questions?  Click on the Contact Us button.  This will allow you to give us a little bit of information about you, and your question on our affiliate site. 
One of our coaches will get back to you to follow up and assist.  
MJ The Keto Coach